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NRF Big Show 2019 Russian review

18.02.2019|Reading time: 3 min

First of all — why did the Napoleon IT team go to the exhibition?

It is quite natural that we are interested in the achievements of advanced IT companies and the successful experience of retailers who have implemented these systems. But, besides this, we wanted to catch something that is not yet fully formulated, but it is in the air: emerging trends, and perhaps even get what is called such a difficult word for our ears “insight” (eng. Insight). And that’s what we noticed.

“Digitalize or die!” — this slogan is best suited to convey our impressions of a busy day. The past 2018 in the United States was marked by the fact that the number of closed retail stores exceeded the number of newly opened. This means only one thing — to sell online now is more profitable. By 2020, it is expected that 20% of all food products will be purchased online and delivered to your home. This will change the industry beyond recognition.

In order to stay afloat, retailers are trying hard to transfer all the advantages of an online store to offline. And investing in technology is something that really brings returns.

More importantly, such technologies are becoming available. The exhibition presents many projects using computer vision technology, individual pricing systems, automation of routine actions of store employees, as well as mobile and offline projects designed to improve user experience. It seems that the idea of ​​creating a positive consumer experience literally captured the industry. For example, automatic carts, about which we wrote above (with a pre-installed scanner and cash register).

The continuation of the idea of ​​creating an individual positive customer experience is the personification of the price offer. Simply bring the smartphone with the included application to the shelf and see the price calculated for you. One Swiss retail chain managed to increase customer retention rates by 25% after introducing individual pricing.

It turns out that IT companies today need to think about the customer — an offline retailer, and today to develop effective, high-tech, but at the same time affordable solutions. And now we are going to the exhibition again!